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· 2 min read

After two weeks of public beta testing, PHX V2 has received feedback from 204 independent addresses in the community. We have made corresponding optimizations for the issues raised and now PHX V2 is ready to go live.

The preliminary plan for the launch steps are as follows:

  1. PHX V2 core features (Stake, Withdrawal) will be launched on 2023.7.1 08:00 (UTC+0). At that time, all contracts will be deployed and the UI will be launched simultaneously.
  2. The VotingEscrow and LP staking contract will be launched on 2023.7.3 08:00 (UTC+0). Users can stake LP and participate in VotingEscrow staking at that time.
  3. PHX/CFX trading pair will have initial liquidity added on Swappi on July 3, 2023 at 08:00 (UTC+0). The initial price for PHX is 0.11 CFX.


PHX V2 Farming will start from 2023.7.3 08:00 (UTC+0) block timestamp(1688371200) and the initial LPs available are:

  • cCFX/CFX

LP mining releases a total of 24 million PHX, with a release period of 48 months.

More LP mining opportunities will be available in the future, such as sWCFX/CFX.

Public Test Rewards

The first 100 addresses to participate in the PHX V2 public test will receive a reward of 100 PHX, which will be directly airdropped to their wallet address on July 8, 2023, at 08:00 (UTC+0).


1. Can the CFX pledged in PHX V1 participate in V2 mining?

Not possible, you need to extract CFX from V1 and then stake it on V2.

2. How to migrate CFX from Core space to eSpace?

CFX can be transferred from the Core space to the eSpace using the Space Bridge feature on ConfluxHub.

3. Will there be PHX rewards if LP staking is done in advance?

For those who are not aware, LP staking rewards will be distributed on 2023.7.3 08:00 (UTC+0) based on the block timestamp (1688371200). There will be no PHX rewards for LP staking prior to this date.

· One min read

After over two months of development, PHX V2 is finally nearing completion. This is a significant milestone for the PHX metaverse.

PHX V2 is a major upgrade that has the following advantages compared to V1:

  1. Improved liquidity of funds, along with increased interaction with other DEFI protocols.
  2. Significantly reduced lock-up time.
  3. Supports compounding, resulting in higher yields.
  4. Completely new UI, which is more streamlined and user-friendly.

Starting today, PHX V2 will undergo a one-week public test, and anyone can participate in using V2. We welcome everyone to raise questions and provide feedback, and the first 100 users will receive a reward of 100 PHX.

We will also start the first round IDO at 2023.6.25. Please pay attention to PHXVerse twitter for more information.